Marketed Brands

Our brands

Because we want the best for you, we are firmly committed to offering you the best quality, which is why we have 5 own brands so that you have the best selection of products every day. Our brands meet high quality standards and pass the most exhaustive controls.

That is why in CMR GROUP, your trusted fruit and vegetable supplier, you will find the best fruits and vegetables from our local and international suppliers, at different optimal ripening points according to your preferences.


Super Extra quality products. Carefully selected from the best world production areas.


100% natural fruit ice cream. Made exclusively with fresh fruit, without concentrates or artificial colors.


Off-season melons, watermelons and papayas of the highest quality from the group's production in Brazil.


Brand under which we market exquisite tropical coconuts exclusively selected for the brand.


The brand of citrus products of the CMR Group, from the best growing areas throughout the year.

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