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About CMR Group

About CMR Group

Who are we CMR Group?

CMR GROUP is a family business group with headquarters in Barcelona and commercial subsidiaries in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Morocco. Its main activity is the marketing, import, export and wholesale distribution of fruit and vegetables. The organization also includes in its structure a production company in Brazil, as well as a company that produces and markets 100% fruit popsicles.

What do we do at CMR Group?

CMR GROUP markets the best global fruit and vegetable products throughout the year for all types of clients, wholesalers or retailers, in its different formats, and adapting to the needs of presentation, state of maturation and required service.

How do we do it?

We maintain a continuous relationship with our suppliers located in the best fruit and vegetable production areas, we manage the reception of the products through our logistics department and once all the control and quality filters established to achieve the best value in their marketing process, we prepare them and serve them to customers through our different sales lines.

Company origins

In 1879, the great-grandfather of the current president, a farmer and merchant, founded his company dedicated to the cultivation and sale of fruit and vegetables from its own plantations. Over the years, the continuity in the development of the activity has been exceeding the goals set by previous generations -the fifth at present-, reaching new objectives and commercial horizons, crossing borders and opening markets.

Cultivation areas

CMR GROUP regularly travels to origin to visit the production farms and reach marketing agreements with farmers, and together with them, selects the best growing areas based on their production, sustainability and CSR policies, guarantee certifications and availability window.

Productive organization and transport

The group's productive subsidiary in Brazil grows Melons, Watermelons and Papayas under the COSARICA brand, marketing them in the off-season in Europe through its platforms. The logistics department, structured in its different areas, maritime, air and land, manages refrigerated shipments together with suppliers, with the priority objective of streamlining the necessary procedures to market them as soon as possible at destination.

Quality commitment

CMR GROUP, through its different subsidiaries, has certifications such as Global GAP, Grasp, Fairtrade, ISO and IFS, in order to guarantee the perfect commercialization of all its offer. Likewise, in its supplier selection policy, it prioritizes the availability of quality certificates, as well as active or projected CSR plans and policies among them.


Exclusive staff for product packaging in different formats, as well as 59 ripening chambers in order to market products at their optimum ripening point. Likewise, CMR GROUP has incorporated into its structure the 100% natural fruit popsicle brand SPRIM Fruits, made exclusively with fresh fruit offered in different refrigerators that gourmet greengrocers and other establishments are already incorporating into their offer.

Presentation CMR GROUP

More than a century of fruit and vegetable commercial tradition supports and guarantees our management.
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