Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


CMR GROUP, within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, launches various actions in the group companies

For years, the group has been carrying out projects aimed at improving, to the best of its ability, the social and economic environment in which it carries out its business work.

The activities included in this policy are materializing in the implementation of operations such as:

. Change in the production model of its subsidiary CMR BRASIL

The group's subsidiary in Brasil has an area of 2,200 hectares, and is dedicated to the cultivation and export of fruit and vegetable products under the COSARICA own brand.

The company is in the process of adapting to a REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE.

This model enhances the value of the land as the key to sustainability, considering it a living environment, compared to the conventional agriculture model, which considers it an inert environment. At the same time, in the new model that is being implemented, rationalization measures are being introduced for irrigation management, assessing the needs of the crop at all times and preserving the aquifers.

Other measures that are being implemented go through the reduction of inorganic fertilization, prioritizing the use of organic inputs over inorganic ones, the reduction of agrochemicals, or the establishment of plantation frameworks that prioritize the health of the crop.

The implementation of all these processes that will guide the company towards the implementation of a REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE, will lead to the cultivation of products that will require less use of post-harvest inputs, obtaining a healthier fruit with a more intense flavor.

At the same time, and through these measures, the company will contribute to regenerate the soil, avoiding deforestation and contamination of aquifers.

It should be noted that the company has already had the GLOBAL GAP and GRASP certifications for years for its production of Melons and Watermelons in Brazil under its COSARICA brand.

The objective of the company is that this is nothing more than the beginning of a new stage where the group's investments will be aimed at obtaining a ZERO WASTE product and complying with the agreements of the Paris protocol (2015) regarding greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and the reduction of nitrogenous fertilizers, promoting the carbon sequestration of cultivated soils

. FRUITS CMR equips its headquarters in Barcelona with a photovoltaic plant

The CMR GROUP head office has just installed 1,500 photovoltaic solar energy panels for a total area of 2,500m2 at its headquarters in Barcelona.2.

The installation allows the generation of direct current with which to feed the electrical needs for self-consumption of the headquarters.

Solar panels provide clean and ecological energy through the photoelectric phenomenon, producing electricity directly through electricity generation and avoiding harmful emissions of greenhouse gases, quantifiable in this case in a saving of 641,460 kWh/year, that is, preventing the emission of 183,434 kg/year of CO2 into the atmosphere, or what is equivalent, the planting of 11,709 trees, thus being an energy that is tremendously respectful of the environment.

Its 8 inverters from direct current to alternating current of 430Kw, are capable of generating enough energy to supply a good part of the installation of 11,000m2 of refrigerated warehouse, 28 cold rooms, 23 maturation rooms, freezing rooms and 1,000m2 of offices.

These actions are part of the corporate social responsibility policy that CMR GROUP is implementing, generating green energy, contributing to the environmental sustainability of the environments in which it carries out its activity, and favoring the social communities where it carries out its professional activities.

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