CMR panelist in the Webinar organized by PROMPERU


The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism or PromPerú has organized the webinar "Opportunities for the Peruvian offer", aimed at Peruvian exporters.

To develop it, the entity invited CMR along with other prominent panelists, such as the Manager of Asomafrut, Mr. Santiago Blázquez, and Mr. Raúl Calleja, Director of Fruit Attraction.

CMR GROUP, in its capacity as one of the main importers of Peruvian fruit and vegetable products in Europe for many years, took part in it, helping with its extensive experience as an importer and marketer of Peruvian fruit and vegetable products, to understand the current possibilities and future for Peruvian export

The webinar shared useful information on the Spanish market, its current situation and perspectives, in order to be able to align strategies in the face of the COVID-19 situation and its impact on future scenarios.

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