Annual Corporate Social Responsibility report


We have published our annual report!.

Together, hand in hand with our grower partners, customers and collaborators, we have achieved great milestones in the year 2022 that we want to share with all of you.

We are proud to have implemented actions in areas such as:

. Reduction of the environmental impact

. Responsible use of food

. Social Commitment to the Community

All of them, sustainable development objectives with which we are fully committed through the different actions planned and carried out by our company within a Corporate Social Responsibility policy that has led us only in the last year to:

. Promote regenerative agriculture in our growing subsidiary that involves enhancing the value of the land, rationalizing irrigation management and reducing agrochemicals, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy through the implementation of specific presses and containers for different materials at our headquarters, the installation of solar panels both at the headquarters and on our platform in Madrid, or the donation of more than 19,000 kilos of product to the Food Bank in order to help reduce food waste and cover the basic needs of the most needy groups.

You can access the details of all the actions carried out through the following link:



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