Recycling and waste recovery


Política de RSC

As part of its CSR policy, and with the aim of carrying out responsible environmental management, CMR has implemented a waste recycling and recovery system at its central facilities in Barcelona, El Prat.

The company has built 5 docks with a total length of 32 meters, for the removal and replacement of large-format containers whose final objective is the recycling and recovery of the waste generated in its facilities.

For this purpose, a cardboard compactor with a monthly volume of 30 t has been installed, a vertical plastic compaction press, organic waste auto-compactors for transport to composting plants, other material and wood auto-compactors

Thanks to all of this, the waste generated is selectively deposited in provisional containers until it is transferred to treatment plants to be reused, recycled or treated.

This process allows extending the useful life of materials, saving energy, raw materials and water that can be used in the manufacture of other resources, while favoring the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and helps to preserve the natural resources of the planet.

Recycling and Recovery area


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Recycling and waste recovery

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