Final day of the team leadership program


Last June 11, and with the presence of members of the corporate management, at CMR we had the final day of the Team Leadership Program that we have shared in recent months.

The program consisted of several workshops, focused on developing the skills of the different managers, such as self-leadership, team management, communication, or conflict resolution. Being able to share different team situations among those responsible, and help each other, has been highly valued by the participants.

The program is part of a series of actions that the company is implementing in order to adapt its management team and the group's workforce as a whole to the social, technological and economic changes that are taking place, increasingly with greater speed, in the competitive environment and in society in general, and that are being reflected in the configuration of new structures.

This new scenario is pushing companies to promote more effective and dynamic management models that integrate this reality, and CMR, being true to its spirit, not only wants to be a passive member of it, but through these and other activities, wants to become a driving force and consolidate itself as a benchmark in its sector of activity. That is our commitment.

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