The group's parent company, Fruits CMR, has just completed the start-up of the second phase of installation of photovoltaic solar panels at its headquarters.


On this occasion, 1,040 collectors have been implemented, which added to the 1,196 already existing, add up to a total of 2,236 solar panels arranged throughout a global surface of 4,522m2.

The Group also has a 2,130m2 and 1,060 solar panels at its headquarters in Madrid. Thus, and as a whole, all the plates arranged at its two headquarters in Barcelona and Madrid generate a total of 1,240 kW, which cover 80% of the total energy required for the operation of its facilities.

Their implementation makes it possible to generate clean energy that avoids the emission of 550,000 Kg/year of CO2, or the equivalent of planting more than 35,000 trees.

This project is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy that CMR GROUP has implemented, and which is specified in the implementation of different actions aimed at improving both the environmental sustainability of the territories, and the social conditions of the local communities where they develop their activities.


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